Karoo Donkey Sanctuary is located two kilometers outside the picturesque village of Prince Albert, at the base of the majestic Swartberg Mountains and at the gateway to the Great Karoo region of South Africa.
As a wildlife conservancy, our rescued donkeys live the life of Riley, roaming the farm freely during the day, from the fields, to the dam, to the riverbed to the acacia Karoo thicket. The herd ambles home at sunset for their evening feed.
The majority of our rescues have come across to us from dire circumstances of being over-worked, abused and malnourished as former beasts of burden in the cart-horse industry in the Western Cape and Karoo regions.

Meet The Donkeys


Confiscated by the Cart Horse Protection Association from his cruel owner in the Cape Flats area of Cape Town when he was found pulling a cart loaded with a rusted car and three men on board, beating him!



With the most beautiful disposition, Was found abandoned in a field in Greyton, Western Cape along with her mate Boesman.



Rescued from a sheep farm in the rural Northern Cape after the farmer threatened to shoot her as she had evidentially lost interest in tending to the flock of sheep (due to her inability to walk properly as her hooves had formed ‘slippers’).



Was confiscated in the Cape Flats by a law-enforcement officer from the Cart Horse Protection Association after being spotted being severely whipped by her driver.