Please adopt us – Full monthly adoption R1,000 per month

Adopting a donkey makes an ideal anniversary, birthday, special occasion or Christmas present to anyone who has compassion to alleviate the suffering of abused animals

One of the wonderful ways you can help us is to adopt one (or even two of us) for a year to help towards the costs of our carers loving work. You choose the amount you wish to give towards adopting your favorite donkey.

Upon receipt of your kind adoption donation, within 10 days, you will receive and thank you package from your donkey via courier that will contain the following:

  • the history and details of the donkey you decide to adopt
  • a framed photo of your donkey
  • an adoption certificate
  • a twice yearly report on your donkey’s progress
  • our quarterly “Progress on the farm” newsletter

And you are most welcome to come and visit your special donkey at the Sanctuary too!

Suggested Adoption levels of support are:

  1. Contribution to feed: R200 per month (R2,400 per year).
  2. Contribution to feed: R400 per month (R4,800 per year).
  3. Contribution to feed and care: R600 per month (R7,200 per year).
  4.  Contribution to feed, care and grooming R800 per month (R9,600 per year).
  5. Contribution to feed, care, grooming and veterinary bills R1000 per month (R12,000 per year).
  6.  Any other amount above this that you wish to donate towards your special donkey will be greatly appreciated

Severely neglected donkeys may require additional feeding and care over and above this.


Please note this adoption is for one year. We will send you confirmation immediately your contribution is received and you will be reminded yearly, inviting your continued support.

A huge THANK YOU from the donkeys at Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, Prince Albert